This brings the end of democracy in India.....

-09 Lok Sabha elections in the history will be known for intemperate rhetoric. It seems, this time of grave Loksrokar issues is lacking. Strke national leaders from the local Cutbaye call - names have come down to. Adwani, Modi, Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka Wakyuddh between the embroidery is still worth digest! But Nitis against Lalu and Rabri's rhetoric so far is on the lower level. Varun Gandhi was violent rhetoric from the start of the case is not even handed. Varun, after a series of statements to be run. Lalu to Varuna about Clwane road roller, then put a वहीँ Congress leaders on the minority of putting up a hand cut was announced. Statements that the market is hot like a cold - war situation is realized. Whether as an example, the Griane of the shoes in this environment has Brpa commotion. Arundhati began Chidambaram Jutiane business through Ddn wrestler is like Bahublion to be reached. This much is clear now that useless crap they do not want to hear. The concept of the common people "of no less a leader, are all corrupt," the leaders have all the truth. For all the people here really do not have any place left. This is a terrible picture of democracy in the political situation in a few years ago to remember is comfort. Yesterday an elderly neighbor, we were saying - "-" decent and civilized era of Indian politics for the Sun, Mr Atal Behari Wajpei and Shri Somnath Chatterjee with the decision of retirement was set. Currently living in these two political heavyweights Maharathion of a stressed and can not. What speech and the rule! The dignity of his office and rose to his responsibility. In the history of Indian democracy and Somu Atalji grandfather's name but not Srwsresht the Prime Minister and MPs in the Lok Sabha Speaker, as always will be remembered. "Today's leaders of these statements, Arbo election in a matter of money to spend on the elderly rising force on the forehead. And then he remembers his time on how the 100-200 victory in the Lok Sabha elections were. where a matter of development in the country is, technically rich, raised an army of young people are is, more than read - write the number of mature Mtdatao there is going to increase the current state of politics in a democracy is the most risk. people become disillusioned with democracy, not a big deal! (Continue ............................)


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